Shortcut Maker v1.2 has been released.

Shortcut Maker v1.2 new feature and fixed bug:

  1. Improve shortcut key matching sequence.
  2. Install tool changed.
  3. Auto checking updated parameters.

if you have previous version (lower v1.2), you should uninstall shortcut maker(ver1.x.x.x) manually. and then install this.

Shortcut Maker v1.1.1 has been released

This software provides addtional keyboard input using hooking keyboard.
for example, when you push Window+S key, it will generate virtual key events as pre-defined settings like PrintScreen key down event.
It will be helpful when you use MAC keyboard on PC.

Shortcut Maker v1.1.1 new feature and fixed bug:

  1. Reduce using CPU (using minimal resources).
  2. Optional version update check.
  3. Some bug fixed.

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